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As much  people tell me it is going to get easier to deal with I can't see a way forward at the moment. Having days when I can't stop crying and feel so emotionally and physically drained. I find it hard to talk to poeple about it as no matter what they say it's not helping with the way I feel. Maybe I am expecting to much to soon and this is just the process I need to go through, having not had to deal with this kind of loss before it sometimes it feels like it will never get easier.

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Re: Grieving

Dear leesnell...

It is a indescribable pain... that there are no answers to...if you  were able to be with your loved one when they died just remember your love that surrounded them when they left you......thats all i can hang onto atm...that i  was there every step of the way and i loved them with my whole heart..and i could hit the next person who says" it will get better with time.." i find that is what they say when they havent experienced such sadness...

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Re: Grieving

To nina6, 

Thankfully I was able to be with my husband till the end, and it was so hard to see the love of my life go through that. Everything happened so fast and I feel that there was so much left unsaid. It seems to be getting harder to cope with the loss as more time goes by. People keep asking me when I will return to work, keep telling me that it will get better with time, tell me that if there is anything they can do just ask. I don’t think most people know what to say and these seem to be automatic responses from everyone. It hard to hear  sometimes as all I really want is to have him here and that’s just not going to happen. Feeling lost , lonely, angry and sad all at the same time.  Thank you for your thoughts 

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