Loss of my husband meanwhile pregnant


Loss of my husband meanwhile pregnant

Hi I want to share my story. More than 3years ago I met my husband ,it was love at first sight,we went to live together,had a great relationship but one day we got the bad news melanoma stage 4,spread already in all the organs. From that moment life changed,but we kept fighting and trying to realising our dreams,a month after we got married,we travelled and we expected a baby,but unfortunately he got worst and two month before having our daughter ,he lost his battle ...he never met her but he loved her so much,she looks just like him.He was the best partner ever and after an year I am still missing him so much everyday ! I am 29 y old with 10months old baby widow and without family in the country...My husband was my everything !

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Re: Loss of my husband meanwhile pregnant

Hi @Carmen988,


Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, what a difficult situation you are in at such a young age. 


I understand that my colleague has sent you information by email about our support services at Cancer Council.  I hope that you find support here online with others affected deeply by cancer.


Please do get in touch with Cancer Council on 131120 if there is anything we can support you with.


Kind regards,


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Re: Loss of my husband meanwhile pregnant

Hullo Carmen

My heart goes out to you dear lady.

I would encourage you to follow Margaret's advice and contact the Cancer Council. I am sure you will find support and advice on how to take some steps to begin building a life with your daughter.

I lost two younger brothers at an early age and never received any emotional support or life direction. 

A book titled Change Your Thinking by Sarah Edelman may help you. It is based on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. I found this very helpful to clarify my thinking and take steps in a positive direction to appreciate how precious life is.

I have incurable cancer and not a long time of life left. I seem to be bombarded with questions like why and what to do with the time I have remaining.

One thing I have decided after a Christmas meetup in Melbourne with my daughter's family is I need to focus on them and enjoy the beautiful young lives of my grandchildren

I suggest to you that all the people in this Cancer Council community are touched by your tragic loss and hold you and your daughter in their hearts and thoughtd.

You have done well in reaching out on this supportive site and I wish you the very best as you begin to your journey. You will always love your husband but other people will enter your life eg teachers of your daughter, doctors, so many ....

Embrace the strengths and compassion they offer and I am sure you can begin to live life as your husband would have wanted. He will be proud of you and you can discuss with your daughter as she grows older.

Enjoy reading books to her and share your love. 

I wish you and your daughter well Carmen.

Take care.


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