Lost my sister to ovarian cancer

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Lost my sister to ovarian cancer

I just lost my sister 2 days ago to ovarian cancer stage 3. She was gone in 8 months she fought until the end and we all thought she was going to get through. Today I am devastated she was more than a big sister to me she was my confident my best friend my second mom. I have not seen her in 5 years because she lives in France with my whole family. I can not believe she is gone. I cry all day and all night. I do not know how to go through this. My husband is worried I refuse to eat I do not sleep and I just stay in bed. I am angry sad all those feelings I can not control. Its painful my heart hurts. I hope I will see her again one day.

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Re: Lost my sister to ovarian cancer

Hi Samira,


I'm very sorry for your loss.  I know it is devastating & very hard to move forward, but you must.  I lost my eldest sister to breast cancer in 2004, November 28.  She was a wonderful person & I  miss her dearly. 


Everyone grieves in a different way, & for a different amount of time.  If you find yourself unable to cope, you should, perhaps, see a counsellor.

It's not easy, but you must move forward.   Your sister wouldn't want you to be wasting away, she would want you to get on with living your life, with your husband & other family.


Please take care




Re: Lost my sister to ovarian cancer

Love and healing to you

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