Loved one's family

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Loved one's family

I really hope for some advice on this. My wife passed away the November before last from cancer. She had been sick for just on eight years. We had dogs together rather than children because of her diagnosis.


Since Belinda passed I have been taking our dogs over to her mother's house to be with her and my wife's sisters when they are in town. I felt that this was the least I could do in the circumstances as this was the second child that this Belinda's mother had lost to terminal illness.


The trouble is that I am sick of doing this. I really think that it is time to move on but I feel that my wife's family expect this to continue forever. They were not even around that much when my wife was sick. I hardly know them really and I feel that they didn't really know Belinda during her last years on this planet. Also, the dogs are not walked or groomed when I pick them up.


I don't know what to do really. I really feel like saying enough is enough but I also don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. As I said, I feel that this is not allowing me or the dogs to move on and I also feel as I've done my bit. How long do I have to keep up this pretence for?

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Re: Loved one's family

Hi pdjones,

You are very thoughtful to have done it in the first place, but if your dogs aren't being cared for as they should be, perhaps it is time to stop the practice. You are under no obligation to keep seeing them at all. Move on with your life, your way.

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