Support Option/real-life and online: Please try

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Support Option/real-life and online: Please try

Hi there, you may be able to find more support online if you try, do a keyword search and see what pops up? Grief/Bereavement/Grieving/Death Cafes (yes such a thing exists) etc.


Or perhaps also start up a group on there for your specific region?


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Re: Support Option/real-life and online: Please try

Something else that people may like to consider, are our Telephone Support Groups.


These are run by our team here at Cancer Council and available to Australians affected by cancer. We do have a group, for those that have lost a loved one to cancer. If you are in Australia and have recently experienced the loss of a loved one to cancer, please do call 13 11 20 or you might prefer to call the team directly on 1300 755 632.



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