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My type of cancer:  Multiple Myeloma

My prognosis:  Myeloma is an insidious disease and although there is currently no cure the prospects are improving.

My survival time:  I was diagnosed in 1999.  I am enjoying good health apart fom the myeloma. The daily dose of Thalidomie seems to be doing the trick.

My word of advice:  Keep on keeping on.  Sounds trite I know, but a positive attitude is helpful.

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Re: Cancer Survivor Shout-Out

At Easter 2016 I was diagnosed with anaplastic thyroid cancer.

a 3 month prognosis, 6 months with treatment.

removeal of the growth, which was around my artery to my brain and into my spine and down into my chest.

Treatment was 7 Thursday’s of full on chemo which I was allergic to, so had drugs to help with that, please note it should have been 9 but I was not well enough. And at the same time 45 radiation treatments.

survival time to today 28 June 2019, l don’t know what the future holds but I have a 11 year old grandchild to raise, so I need to hang around for another 10 years.

how did I get to now,one day at a time,  prayer helped me through the dark hours and just dealing with the present problems. It is only now I am starting to plan a bit ahead. And as Dory said just keep going.

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Re: Cancer Survivor Shout-Out

Hi Alive,

I hate to break it to you, but kids don't leave know until they're 30. 

Sorry, you'll have ot make that another 20 years.




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Re: Cancer Survivor Shout-Out

It was a combination of my oncologist, homeopathy, Chinese medicine doctor, Professor Avni Sali 

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Re: Cancer Survivor Shout-Out

Another Survivor Shout-Out (from Oklahoma, USA)


The disase really stinks. But I am now 19 years and 3 months cancer free. I was stage 2+ tonsil cancer.  I won't lie. It hasn't been easy. But I'm still going strong, feeling good, just dealing with long-term effects of the radiation.  I just retired at age 64 and I'm enjoying my life with my best friend of 43 years, our 3 kids and 9 grandkids and still doing ministry (I was a pastor for 34 years). If I can help encourage anyone, don't hesitate to reach out.

Blessings friends! 

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