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I really need to talk to someone about natural cures!

I have only just been told about my condition and I am going for biopsy under general anicectic tomorrow, so scared. Is they anyone who could talk with me, I am English and in the UK


Thanks Nick

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Re: Cancer

Hello, I hope the biopsy went smoothly.

It is perfectly natural to feel scared of just about everything in this situation. That fear may never fully go away. It hasn't for me, and I've been fighting my diagnosis for over a year and a half. Just make sure you eat plenty of healthy food and drink enough fluids to keep you physically and mentally strong for the fight.

As far as cures, I obviously don't have one, otherwise I wouldn't be on here. However, I have been supplementing traditional treatment (which I am on a sort of forced hiatus from) with a suggestion from my veterinarian, of all people, which is a daily dose of CBD oil and 700mg Panacur (a dog dewormer), a caplet of turmeric, two caplets of vitamin E daily for four days in a row, then three days off, weekly. I won't know if this has had any affect on my cancer cells until after my upcoming CT, but from where I stand with a late-stage diagnosis, it can't hurt to try.

Wishing you the best!

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Hi Sailingwave and WithBaitedBreath


I too hope that all went well with your biopsy Sailingwave.


At Cancer Council we support evidence-based treatments for cancer and always recommend that if anyone is looking at alternative treatments for cancer either in addition to or in place of evidence-based medical treatment, please discuss these with your medical treating team.


If you like, you can find information and resources about making treatment decisions and complementary therapies at:


Kind regards,


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Re: Cancer

Buddy, nobody has a cure for cancer.

When asking for someone to give advice about natural cures, be aware and mindful of all the crackpots and criminals out there in the wide-world these days.   Sorry to hear you may have cancer, mate - don't be afraid, it's not game over yet. 

I'd suggest when you tackle this, research EVERY treatment option, and hey, tackle multiple concurrently.

The science is slowly moving toward immunotherapy treatments, which are a lot less destructive to human physiology than the poisonous chemo and burning radiation - me, I had chemoradiation, and it's awful, and the post treatment side effects are awful, BUT, I regret nothing - I had stage 4 tonsil cancer, 40% chance of successful treatment, 6 months to live, and here I am 4 years later.

My take-away advice is just to be diligent, learn everything, and be on the front foot with regard to your treatment.  Eating berries will no doubt help your autoimmune response and may help prevent future cancer, but if you decide on any particular avenue as a "cure", be super careful.  Ask for credible evidence, not anecdotal "my cousin Joey got better", but actual studies.

(And the idea of studies being quashed, is oh so much bullshit - medical students are zealous, eager, smart and naive people with no money and no massive ties to the industrial-medico complex, so the idea that they take massive bribes to focus on chemo studies and hide the efficacy of natural therapies is ridiculous.  A lot of the pubmed studies and articles are being done by students in many cases as part of a masters thesis or whatnot)

Anyway, just my two cents - good luck to you !


Re: Cancer

I would strongly suggest joining the UK-based MacMillan forums.  The information you'll find there is in the context of the UK health system.


They also have a telephone support line which operates 7 days a week.

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Re: Cancer

Everyone I meet has a cure. They mean well and want to help. My advice stick to one professional first and politely thank everyone else. When and if your chosen Dr’s method ceases to work then look elsewhere. I was given six months to live in 2017. The eagle feather with the crystal bound to it with leather thong is very nice but used more as a decoration than a cure.😂
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