Coming to grips with my Stage 4 diagnosis

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Coming to grips with my Stage 4 diagnosis


I have been wallowing in a reality shift after my Stage 4 diagnosis some 6 weeks ago now.

I have a non symptomatic breast cancer met in my spine and two primary tumours scheduled for lumpectomy some time in November.  In the meantime I am shovelling down hands full of vitamins and natural substances that are reported to have anti cancer properties on a daily basis and this appears to be paying off as one of the tumours has shrunk by more than a half (from a recent ultra sound).  I have an appointment for another CAT scan in October and I'm hoping the met will also show similar improvement - let's be honest, I'm hoping it will disappear.

I live with my husband on a rural property in Tasmania and I have lost interest in maintaining the gardens I was working on.  I also want to see my daughters who are living under indefinite lockdown orders in Sydney.  I am also worried about my younger daughter who is living by herself and is high functioning but self-admittedly on the spectrum.  Her older sister seems to be keeping an eye on her.

My husband is supportive to certain point but he appears to need hand holding himself and I don't tell him everything.

Thanks for listening and I find your own stories inspiring and this is chat room is prompting me to get up off of my couch!

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Re: Coming to grips with my Stage 4 diagnosis

Hi Hannah. Glad that this forum is helpful to you. I think we are all amazing and strong when I read what some people go through. It must be so hard not to be able to see your daughters. I’m joining with you in hope and prayers that you will have good news in October after your scan. 💕Linda 


Re: Coming to grips with my Stage 4 diagnosis

@Hannah30, it can be a confusing time after diagnosis. You feel vulnerable and insecure. Try ringing the Cancer Council number on this site, 13 11 20. It's good to have someone to talk to. They can also advise on other support that may be available to you. Best wishes.

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