Telehealth Diagnosis

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Telehealth Diagnosis

Good afternoon all, 


Has any one received their diagnosis over the phone following biopsy? 


Re: Telehealth Diagnosis

Hi Nathan123

Have always had a follow up phone call, but have always been asked to bring a support person, as they usually like to give the results face to face.

Wishing you all the very best for a positive outcome and good results for your journey ahead.

Kind Regards & Best Wishes 

👍👍 Peter 👍 👍




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Re: Telehealth Diagnosis

Hi Nathan. Yes I got my diagnosis over the phone. I think my doctor was sick but was still in contact with me. It was devastating to get the news over the phone but I don’t think it would have been any better in the surgery getting the news of cancer . At least my husband and I were at home to cry. 💕 LindaG 

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Re: Telehealth Diagnosis

just had a phone call today. 
going back in two weeks time for a wide excision to ensure it’s all taken. 
bloody horrendous phone call. 
I was at work on a 10 minute break. My break extended to 30 minutes. 
good luck with your phone call. 

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Re: Telehealth Diagnosis

I was eased into my diagnosis of Stage 4.  Knew about my breast tumours and a shadow in spine from CAT scan.  Doctor rang me in evening after PET scan confirmed met though there was some disagreement between specialists.  Left me with near certain conclusion of painful end of life somewhere down the road and alone in a hotel room. Got drunk on a bottle of red wine.

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Re: Telehealth Diagnosis

Sorry to hear your experience Hannah30.
I would have previously thought bad news over the phone was rare. Clearly we are finding it is too common.
I know covid restrictions limit movement in some areas, but even a video call would be better than a phone call. 😔
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