Endometrial cancer

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Re: Endometrial cancer

Hi Claire 


Yep! Balls!


Hopefully back home tomorrow although they do have some good tucker in this hospital. Sorry. I knew you were served garbage from the floor of the local S&C club for your hospital meals. At least one can find one brighter side of my stay. Oh! And I'm not dying at home... I guess. Two brighter sides.


Thank you for your screaming. Seriously, I just thought that was my neighbours fighting. You did well. Louder than Sch's eyes rolling.


Thanks for the hugs. I'll try not to complain to much. The staff here have assured me I've done the right thing but I feel like the boy who cried wolf. I know I'm at the start of it being in a bad way, so dealing with it early is good. Much better than how I handled last time. It is definitely the whole "handle it smarter, not braver" approach. Makes me feel frustrated and sooky. Sorry. Complaining again.




Sleep well Ginger!

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Re: Endometrial cancer

Hi thread enthusiasts


Can you believe 25 pages now? Best thread ever.


Just a little update. I'm home now.  I got out of the big house late yesterday arvo. Chemo cycle 3 is aborted. Planning to start cycle 4 on time but half of my dosage. In the meantime, it's still a battle to get fluids in and also to absorb them, but I think I'll come good by the end of the week.


Best wishes and happy thoughts for you all. 




Re: Endometrial cancer

Hi Phil,

So good to hear you’re back in the comfort of your own home, not so great about the chemo stalling and reactions though- have the docs discussed alternatives? 

I’m just now surfacing but have managed to pick up my sons virus (no surprise there!) and just sitting around like a snotty, coughy, achy mess. On the plus side, there is sun to sit in, and yesterday I ventured out to a nearby garden for some colour therapy. (Pictures attached)  






 Tonight we’re cracking open the BBQ! It’s a celebration I look forward to each year- and just being home to do it is good right? 

Anyway, let us know how you’re doing- hoping today is a bit better than yesterday,



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Re: Endometrial cancer

Glad to hear you're home @PhilPepper! Hope you're feeling better soon 💛


That garden is absolutely stunning @Lehiatus, I love the colours. I hope you're feeling better soon also 💚


Here's a song for you all today! 😘


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Re: Endometrial cancer

@Caz63we haven't heard from you in a little while. Did you hear back from the surgeon?

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Re: Endometrial cancer

Howdy Ginger


Thankyou for the garden photos. They look amazing.


I've started digging up a bed near my house. About the plant corn seedlings. I need to do my snow peas too.


It's been a slow bounce back from hospital. Not quite working as normal yet. I thought I'd come good the day after hospital. It seems  my entire journey,  I've been underestimating how much impact these things have on me. Regardless, I think I've been handling things well. Keeping a close eye on my state, pushing myself without overdoing it, doing as my wife tells me (mostly). It's now over a week since I went to hospital and aborted the Capecitabine intake, so I shouldn't be cytotoxic at the moment. That takes a bit of pressure off and a bit of a holiday for the next 9 days.


How's the virus Ginger? I hope your rivers of snot have dried up and your head feels less congested than Northbourne Avenue at 8.45am on a weekday. I can't imagine coughing was pleasant on your butchered abdomen. As I found out, those muscles are a part of coughing... and sneezing... and laughing... and many other surprising movements (because that catch you by surprise after you make them).


I shaved my cancer beard. It was going to endure  it journey right through my treatment. I did trim it down a few weeks ago, but this time, went the whole hog. Back to smooth cheeks. Everyone says I look younger without it. I don't mind so much, but I'll be doing more job interview in the next few weeks. Probably good to look younger in the IT industry. 


I'm enjoying the warm weather.  Makes it so much easier to cope with cold sensitivity. But I'll tell you a funny story. My wife and eye went out for dinner and it was aweful service and very disappointing meals. So we didn't bother with dessert. On the way to the car I suggested we duck into McDonalds and grab a sunday. Not the worst idea, although, it was very disappointing to see obvious drug deals going down inside MacDonalds and not a clean table in sight. Not the family restaurant they advertise on tele. Anyhoo... neither of us remembered my sensitivity to cold food, so the first spoonful in my mouth was like razor blades. Then we sat there and laughed at each other for forgetting. Even funnier, I'd normally blow on hot soup to cool it down I was blowing on the sunday to warm it up. So we sat there for an awfully long time while I wrestled with my Sunday. It wasn't easy but I finished it. So now it has spike an experiment,  where I'll try eating another sunday this Tuesday and another the following Tuesday to see how it improves. Perhaps from a cleaner and less junky ridden McDonalds location.


Btw... my new song hasn't progressed much, but my fingers are able to play the guitar now, so I might try to lock down a tune. Still have to work out how to include cheese in the lyric.




Ciao Ginger



Re: Endometrial cancer

Hey Phil how goes it today? I read about the ice cream Sunday and two things cane to mind- first being ‘was it caramel?’ (Because that’s seriously the ONLY flavor worth mentioning), and what size? 
all jesting aside, temperature sensitivity also sucks balls. 
I had it for only a short time after the surgery, so I can empathize, but let’s not do that- let’s just go with ‘it’s something  to conquer like Kilimanjaro or algebra’.

im hoping you’re taking it easy and resting for those 9 days? BTW- we need to see the beard/no beard shots!!!


my rivers of snot have settled into a deliciously sludge like chest mud and now I’m just barely able to get through the night without coughing up a lung. I’m gonna have abs of steel, once they’ve stopped tearing. 

Other than that, I’ve been on the ultrasound scan wagon- thyroid, arms, joints. Blood tests. New meds. New doctors, and a renewed sense of awe at the gaping holes in traditional medical approaches, but that’s a convo for another day.

something amazing happened yesterday. My Mum and Brother banded together to buy me a dream gift for my 42nd birthday in a few weeks. A HEXAGONAL greenhouse! I seriously am pinching myself at it and thinking of what I can grow through winter! Once it’s delivered and up I’ll post photos. 

regarding the song, I suggest something else. Inspiring. Not sure if you’ve got Netflix or like The Rolling Stones, but there is a documentary called The Rolling Stones-ole!ole!ole! Across Latin America’ about their epic journey to finally play in Havana after 50 yrs. Made me cry like a baby- music signifying freedom of thought, freedom to choose, joy and happiness. Pretty much everything for the soul! 
let us know how you’re going, thinking of you!

cheers, Claire 


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Re: Endometrial cancer



Re: Endometrial cancer

It’s a combo Sunday!! Woohooo!! 

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Re: Endometrial cancer

Hi Ginger


Some pictures are worth a thousand words.


Just like Kilimanjaro and algebra, eating a Sunday after an infusion of Oxaliplatin is achievable with patience, time and a little effort.


Week 1 - it feels like cardboard on your tongue as it goes instantly numb. It tends to sting the whole mouth, but you must endure this and let it melt before swallowing. Any pain in the mouth is good compared to cold on your throat. None the less, swallow small amounts at a time. The chocolate and caramel tend to linger and you can taste them when your tongue warms up.


Week 2 - much better. Too much time on the tongue still makes it numb and kills all taste, but it just takes longer to kick in. Same drill melt in your mouth before swallowing. Still quite sensitive at this point.


Week 3 (today) - mouth and tongue is mostly back to normal, but I made the mistake of swallow too much unmelted Ice cream. This was a mistake.


Cycle 4 starts tomorrow 😥


Happy choc/caramel Sunday's.

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