I'm overwhelmed by everything. Diagnosed with CML.

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I'm overwhelmed by everything. Diagnosed with CML.

I was diagnosed with CML on June 23,the same week as my birthday. I had to go to the hospital because I had severe pain in the right side of my stomach and back. I thought it was my kidney but they took a lot of different tests and in the end my blood test results came as I have leukemia. I don't have any family here and I have friends who have been very supportive but I still feel very overwhelmed by everything. It seems that I'm too tired to do anything. I also lost my job, I don't have Medicare and I can't even go back home due to the covid thing. I feel very sad and angry. I started to look for a new job but I'm still not well enough to work. I started the treatment and I feel exhausted everyday, nauseous, I don't feel like doing anything. This has been the worst year of my life. 

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Re: I'm overwhelmed by everything. Diagnosed with CML.

Hello @Haide and welcome to our community,


Sorry to hear about your diagnosis and everything you've been going through ❤️


Can I ask you to give 13 11 20 a call and see if there's anything they can help with?


You are not alone 😘



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