Im confused.....

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Im confused.....

Hi everyone, Im glad I found this forum... 


Dont know how to start, its not easy in any way..

My dear girlfriend is waiting for results of the Biopsy they did in a Lymph node for a few days, so I gues we have to wait and see what it shows..


But the wait is extra hard for us becuase ofe ONE major thing..

I will ask about that on last, but befor eI will quickly tell you all her story:


Late Decemeber-18 she got the flue signs, Januari 11th she said to me: look over my right colorbone, theres some swollen lymph nodes, then she got bad in the throat a week later for like 10 days, was coughing for quite some time,,, was feeling a bit down, noticed som minor problem when she was traing later in february, hard to catch the breath...... then she went to her Reamatolog doctor for her yearlt appointment, this was in begging of mars, her doctors looked at her neck and said: THIS has nothing to do with you Betcherews Descise....  My girlfriend, said she thought either she was having a loong flue or it was her Betcherews Descise..


the all went fast: major bloddtests, CT scan, see a doctor(oncologist), in that meating he said: ther was som lymphnodes large over right colorbonde, in big in cheast(right to trachea), and a few in left armpit, BUT he also said: They found something "unclear change" in the Liver 18mm big, and a tiny "scar like unclear change" in one lung.... The lung he just rejected, as my girlfriend is 42 years old, in good shape, exercise 3 times a week, and have never been smoking or drinking,,, He also said the  "unclear change" in the Liver dont have to be anything that is to worry about, it didnt look like the typical cancer...... he examined her as good as he could, nothing wrong,  Ive asked him: what do you think it is? He said Im leaning towards Lymhoma...  OK, we where a bit chocked of course, but we did think, its treatable at least we hope.... The he said we have to do a PET scan, so we did that the morgning day after, and the day after that late in the evening, thay did a Biopsy on the lymphnode right above the right colorbone,,, they said good night, and we will be in touch when the results from the Biopsy arrives..


OK, we went home,  but then we strarted to worry about the Liver....  And its now so hard to think of the Liver that we are almost crying everyday and worry about that.... Lymphoma we can take, but Liver is bad..  My girlfriend is worried it is Primary Cancer in the Liver, one 18mm tumor that has spread to her upper Lymphnodes (liver cancer stage 4).. Im trying to tell her(after 7 days of google trying to find facts about this) that the probabillity of it beeing ONE Liver tumor 18mm big that has only spread to the lymphnodes in trachea, neck and armmpitt, is like unlikely..

Im telling her: its Lymphomo for sure..


the hard thing is, we can check the PET scan online if we wany, but we dont dare, to afraid... so we have to wait at least 7 days more..


I know nobody can tell for sure, but how rare is the Liver story? and how possbile is the Lymphoma..

And if the doctors did the PET scan like one and a half day before she did the Biopsy in her lymhnode, shoudnt they planned a Liver biposy instead of the lymphnode Biopsy if they did see the Liver showed cancer in PET scan?  


Sorry, it did get long, but we are so worried, just tell me what you think, 


Some info: she did get hear breat checked and scanned 1 week ago= nothing wrong.

She is 42, healthy, keeps running often, never smoked or drinked in her life..


what are the odds of Liver vs Lymhoma..could we forget the Liver worry NOW?




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Re: Im confused.....

one more thing: she do fell good, eat good, sleep well, no pains more, the throat thing is gone, no fever to speak of(37.2 degrees C),, so the flue symptoms are more or less gone now...


Isnt Liver cancer from only one 18mm tumor spreding to upper lymhnodes only, rare, and to concider also her gender age and so on....   


just to make it clear, we havent spoke to the doktor yet about te PET scan, so we dont know what the liver showed....  thats why we are worry, and we dont dare to ask...

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