Is Reactive Lymphodenopathy ever cancer?

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Is Reactive Lymphodenopathy ever cancer?


I Am not diagnosed with cancer, but going through the ‘is it?’ So hoping it’s ok to post...

I’ve been struggling with fatigue, muscle/joint pain, night sweats (B symptoms) for a while in conjunction with an enlarged lymph node (enlarged fir about a month). Ultrasound shows ‘hila intact’ and diagnosis is ‘reactive lymphadenopathy’ (I’m guessing due to size of 1.3cm being over the ‘normal’ threshold’). 

GP is going down the ‘autoimmune’ pathway with referrals to neurologist and Rheumatologist (I had a weakly positive ANA) but with the recent sudden onset of night sweats, fatigue etc and the fact it is lymph node in groin so not consistent with having a cold, sore throat etc I’m a little concerned.

can reactive lymphadenopathy with intact hila ever be cancerous? 

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Re: Is Reactive Lymphodenopathy ever cancer?

Hello @EG,


Sorry to hear of what you're going through, have you had anything concrete come out of the referrals as yet?



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Re: Is Reactive Lymphodenopathy ever cancer?

I really hope you found out that you are cancer free. 

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