Just diagnosed with cancer-testicular cancer

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Just diagnosed with cancer-testicular cancer

I have just been recently diagnosed with cancer and have been on the fence on keeping my SO in my life. We have always dreamed on having a family and with her already having trouble with having kids due to her moms side of the family having fertility issues, we knew it would be a struggle in the beginning. Now that I recently got diagnosed with testicular cancer, I feel as if we won’t have that opportunity and that if she stays around or with me that I’ll rob her of her dreams in having kids in the future. In all honesty, it’s a lot of overwhelming ideas that are flying in my head right now and other family issues that I just don’t think it’s a good idea to keep her around. I don’t know what to do anymore.

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Re: Just diagnosed with cancer-testicular cancer

Hi Jesseth. Sorry to hear of your diagnosis. Try to get as much information about the effects of your cancer on fertility. It’s always such an anxious time at the start of this journey .  Don’t make any major decisions while you’re emotional and still in the early stages.  Hope you’ve got lots of good medical people around you. LindaG

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Re: Just diagnosed with cancer-testicular cancer

Hi @Jesseth ,


LindaG is right about not making any major decisions just yet.  And before you decide to cut away your SO, talk with them.  They might be just fine with continuing the relationship with you & not having children biologically.   There are other options to having children like adoption.   There are an awful lot of kids without a parent to love them.  Besides, your partner may be happy to stay in the relationship & not have children at all.  Talk with your partner. 


All the best


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Re: Just diagnosed with cancer-testicular cancer

Hi Jesseth,


As everyone has said before - perhaps wait.  Don't make really important decisions in the early days.  Your doctor may advise you to bank sperm with an IVF centre for later use.  There are options.  Get through this first and hopefully, the rest will turn out for you and your future hopes and dreams.  Good luck.

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