Mother just got diagnosed with lung cancer

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Mother just got diagnosed with lung cancer

My mum (47) was diagnosed with lung cancer on Thursday (10/6). After a CT scan, a left upper lobe mass was found. Also, lesions in the spine (T9 and L1) are suspicious for metastasis.


Her GP gave a referral to see a cardiothoracic surgeon the FOLLOWING THURSDAY (17/6).


We don’t know what stage she is at, what type of lung cancer it is and what treatment will follow.


What am I supposed to do? As we wait for a whole week, her cancer will continue spreading. She’s begun to feel pain in her left elbow and severe aching in her back.


Right now, it’s a Saturday and here in Australia it is the Queen’s Birthday long weekend (public holiday). Everywhere I’ve called has told me to call back on Tuesday. Should we take her to the ER?


I’m just so confused and worried. If anyone here is able to give any advice as to what followed after diagnosis, I would be so thankful.

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Re: Mother just got diagnosed with lung cancer

Hi Liz16, so sorry about your mum’s diagnosis. If you’re worried you should go to the hospital. At least they can check her out. I can relate to feeling so lost on the weekends and not having the medical support to call. LindaG


Re: Mother just got diagnosed with lung cancer

It's a very trying time immediately after diagnosis, there's so many unknowns. But don't hesitate about taking her to ER. That's what they are there for. I did that myself a few weeks back and they were fantastic.


After initial diagnosis there are a number of tests that need to be done. A PET scan shows the extent of the cancer. During a bronchoscopy they get a video camera into the lungs so they can see exactly what's there, and they also do a biopsy to determine what sort of cancer it is. Once they have all the information they can map out a treatment plan.


Although it seems all too slow the important thing is you've started the process. Best wishes to your mother and you.

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