My Uterine Cancer Journey

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My Uterine Cancer Journey

To be honest, cancer was the furtherest from my mind. I started bleeding Vaginally towards the end of January. I was a bit concerned because I had well and truly started Menopause quite a few years ago.

Naturally, I got an appointment to see a GP (my regular one had gone on annual leave). 


The GP told me that it was probably nothing, but advised me to have a pap smear (which I had successfully avoided for 28 years). I also had an internal ultrasound.


The pap smear came back clear, my relief was almost palpable.


Then for the ultrasound, that was a whole lot more than I bargained for. I'm a fairly private person where my body is concerned. At least it was a woman performing the procedure. But to have the ultrasound wand (the long thin one), introduced up my vagina was extremely uncomfortable and embarrassing, to say the very least.


The technician advised me at that time that I had a large uterine polyp which was causing all the bleeding, but thankfully she could not see any sign of cancer. Thank goodness, that put me comfortably in the clear.


Therefore, I wasn't at all concerned when I had to wait a considerable amount of time to see a Gyno. We have a Gyno clinic here at the hospital for Medicare patients.


When I finally did get to see a Gyno all my concerns were set aside by him. Yes, I certainly did need to have that troublesome polyp removed and hopefully within a month. But, he had never seen them come back cancerous. That really put me at ease.


I got in to have the surgery in five weeks. Boy, would I be pleased when this bleeding stopped.


I went off to theatre in a positive mood and felt thankful when I awoke that it was all over.


Little did I realise it was just starting.


Apparently the lining of my uterus didn't look "normal", so it was sent to pathology with a rush placed on the diagnosis.


Three days later I got a call, the head Doctor wanted to speak with me.


My hubby and I attended the visit. To say that we were concerned was a huge understatement.


The Gyno turned to us and as frankly as possible, said that the tests had come back positive for high grade cancer. 


Oh Lord, no. Tears sprung to mine and bubby's eyes. We both sat numbly as the ins and outs of my illness were discussed. 


We didn't hear much except the word cancer.


Two weeks later, that word is still ringing in our ears.


How do we cope, how do we manage, how do we tell the kids, I don' want to die. All these questions were spinning in our heads.


Now the fight begins.

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Re: My Uterine Cancer Journey

Thank you for sharing your journey thus far with us @VickiP, I look forward to hearing more.


Hoping all is well Heart

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Re: My Uterine Cancer Journey

@VickiP, Thankyou for sharing your story. I have felt so alone since my own diagnosis & am currently in a similar position and asking all the same questions. I was diagnosed in April after irregular bleeding and am currently almost 3 weeks post Op after having a hysterectomy. Looking at undertaking some kind of treatment shortly. I have found it helpful to know as much about treatment options as I can and it really is so important not to lose hope. And the best way I have found to manage things is appointment by appointment & day by day.

 I personally found it very hard to tell people after my diagnosis because I felt like it was something  I should hide & that by getting cancer I  had failed somehow. 

I hope you are going ok. 

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Re: My Uterine Cancer Journey

Hi @VickiP my name is Jess

I'm a 31 yr old survivor of uterine cancer. Sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis. It certainly is a huge shock when it happens and I know how difficult it can be to tell others about what's going on too. When you do, expect the flood of people who will say "if you need anything just let us know"..... My advice is to take people up on that - if people offer to cook meals, do your dishes, come round for a cuppa, take the support you can get as it's very lonely and hard to walk this journey without support.


A little about my journey - I started showing symptoms (heavy flooding periods) in Jan 2016 and it wasn't until September that year before I got my diagnosis of grade 1 stage 1a endometrial cancer. I wasn't believed for ages because I'm not in the age group common for this type of cancer. Oringinally treated with the Mirena IUD to preserve my fertility, by November 2016 I had progressed to grade 2, stage 2 and ended up been given the choice of radiation or surgery. I chose surgery - however due to my weight I was refused surgery and instead underwent treatment with the only option left to me. I had 28x external beam radiation treatments and 3x intrauterine brachytherapy treatments.


I was given the all clear in June 2017 - and have just passed my 12 months of survivorship. Currently I am a carer for my husband who has terminal kidney cancer that is untreatable and inoperable. I am a widow in waiting whilst we continue this journey to see how long my husband will survive. He was given 3-6 months life expectancy in March 2018. We are now almost 4 months later and still amazingly he is with us still. Each day is hard but we get there.


Hope to hear from you soon and hope you are doing ok.


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Re: My Uterine Cancer Journey

Hi VickiP,


I was diagnosed in January, after visiting my GP & presenting with watery bleeding,lower & pelivc pain (I am 54 & menopausal).  I was originally told it was polyps & would require a hysterectomy..  However, after numerous testing - CT scan,MRI, & a biopsy, I was told I had cancer & not to do things by halves - Stage 3 aggressive cancer.   I actually asked the doctor 3 times to repeat what he had told me!   It was in shock, as you just don't think it is going to happy to you.  Other than the Big C, I was in good health.


Journey so far-

* 3 rounds of ehemo first up to shink the tumor commenced January

- radicial hysterectomy in early April

-3 rounds of chemo commencing late April

- start 5 weeks of external radiation therapy mid July


So far I have handled the chemo quiet well with minimal side effects.  Will have to travel every day for my radiation.  Not looking forward to that.


It is a bit of a rollercoaster of emotions, overall trying to stay positve, but of course you have your dark days when you think about it too much.


God speed.


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