Non Hodgkin

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Non Hodgkin

I have non Hodgkin’s lymphoma

It all started when my back started hurting so they did an MRI and found a tumor, so off to surgery where they removed 70 percent of it

The tumor was wrapped around my spinal cord in my thoracic spine area. They removed 6”s of the back of my spine, the tumor was about the size of your small finger and 6” long.

So now I have a hard time walking, when I start walking it feels like I already walked 3 miles. Has anybody else have issues like this, 

Thanks, Tom

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Re: Non Hodgkin

Hello @Roofer  and welcome Heart


How are you doing this week?


Has anyone else had a similar experience with walking?

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Re: Non Hodgkin


I hope you are well. 

How are things going with you and your treatment. 

Where you a roofer.  I did roofing for 20 years. Started straight out of high school 

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