now what

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now what

Diagnosed with breast cancer 2 weeks ago i see the surgeon this week ive never felt so alone in my life, im angry after caring for so many others and running around after others ( friends i thought i had but turns out i dont) what happens to my autistic daughter when im gone we have no money , in a rental we cant afford 

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Re: now what

Hi tisme,


Try not to worry so much.  I know that’s an easy thing to say, but it won’t help you at all.   You’ve done a good thing by reaching out to this site for help as there are people here who can offer valuable advice. 

What stage is your cancer at?  I don’t know much about breast cancer, but I do know, if it’s in the early stages then there’s a very high survival rate.  


I’m not sure if there’s any financial assistance available for you as I haven’t looked into it at all, but maybe that’s something you can ask your GP about?


Best of luck with everything. 








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Re: now what

i dont know either , i cared for my brother till he died with cancer but that was 8 years ago , i need transport to treatment i know it is what it is but im angry at ending up alone with it all n stuff.all my pension goes on rent so theres not much left that is a worry.  i cant ring the cancer help line cos daughter is always home and she is worried enough as it is 

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