Serenity needed

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Serenity needed

I found out 2 days ago .... malignant breast cancer .... so far 1 breast affected .... no lymph nodes .... awaiting specialist appointment  this week ... devastated more than words can say

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Re: Serenity needed

Hello @bravesthuman and welcome to the Community!


I am sorry to hear of your diagnosis, what a turmoil of emotions you must be going through right now Smiley Sad


May I suggest you give our team a call on 13 11 20? We have a number of health professionals available who you can chat to and will be able to advise you of any services that may be of assistance to you.


We also have information on breast cancer available on our website that would be worth reading. Also available, are a number of publications that you will find linked in the right hand column via the above link - these are free of charge.


Please stay in touch, we'd love to see more of you here.


Kind Regards,

Kate - Online Community Manager

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