Should I under go Stem Cell Transplant or NOT

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Should I under go Stem Cell Transplant or NOT


In 2009 I was diagnosed with Stage IV Lymphoma.  I had an ABVD chemo in 2009 and then a Bone Marror Transplant (BMT) in 2012.  I handled ABVD well, but BMT knocked me around.  I have to give up my lucrative professional practice, due to cancer and betrayl by my business partners.  For about 18 months I suffered with deep depression.  Howver, since then I had best time of my life.  I have seen my both kids complete school.  One in the final year of university and other in the first year.


About two months ago, I was diagnosed with Myelodysplasia (side effect of intensive chemo in 2012).  Now I am told that I have 1.6 years, if I am untreated. 5.5 years if I undergo highly risky Allogeniec Stem Cell Transplant.


I am thinking is it worthwhile going through the Allogeniec Stem Cell Transplant.  Any advice?

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Re: Should I under go Stem Cell Transplant or NOT

Hi @Mani!


How have you been doing the past few weeks?


I'm not sure if you've made a decision regarding your treatment as yet, but here's a few places that have a bit more information about Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplants:

You may find our podcast on Making Treatment Decisions helpful as well.


Has anyone else here had experience with stem cell transplants? Or perhaps a family member or friend has?



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Re: Should I under go Stem Cell Transplant or NOT

Hi Mani,

Only just read your post so I don't know where you are up to at the moment. Similar to you I had MDS in 2015 bought on by CHOP chemo for NHL back in 2003. Also had CLL (stage 4 in 2011). The BMT was haploidentical from adult son. They gave me 1 year without the transplant, it took many many months to organise and all MDS treatment was halted during this period, very uncertain about whether I would be accepted due to my age (then 64). Now 2+ years later still in recovery but getting stronger every day. I know we are all different and respond to things according to our makeup, they told me that the process was difficult and it was, very, very hard process. Not just physical, which was not easy going but mentally, We (my wife and I) thought that as I been though an awful lot before that it would be not that hard but it was. Would I do it again? in a heartbeat, would not be writing this now if I hadn't. I wanted to live but often thought of the alternative but no not yet. 

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