Stomach cancer stage 4 - age 34


Stomach cancer stage 4 - age 34

I was diagnosed July 2nd and my story is a frustrating sad one. I was living overseas with my husband when symptoms showed up. I came home to get diagnosed as healthcare in US were not helpful and were very expensive. So now I’m here living with family but have no stability or life or our own here. We had to drop everything we built in the US and are living a nightmare now, trying to find peaceful happy moments in the good days. I was hoping to find people with a similar diagnosis or any advanced diagnosis at the same age (30s). It’s scary but I find experiences differ between us and our older counterparts and I just need to hear other experiences. I feel so alone. 

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Re: Stomach cancer stage 4 - age 34

Hi jox34,


Sorry to hear that your new journey is so frustrating and sad. Fortunately for me, my life was pretty settled when I was diagnosed. And my cancer got caught early so I have a really good prognosis (other than having had my stomach removed and a "mass" having been identified in my liver in a recent CT scan).


Fire away with your questions/comments here and I am more than happy to let you know my opinion and/or what I have experienced. If you don't want to air your laundry so freely, feel free to send me personal messages.


Get used to "everyone is different, so I can't tell you what it will mean for you". It comes with the territory.


Keep positive.


Warm regards,


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Re: Stomach cancer stage 4 - age 34

Had a streptococcus pyogenes in my throat and been on antibiotics for a whole month. My stomach started to hurt(mild and dull),cramps and lound noises from my bowels. No changes in bowel movement,poop seems normal,no fever or loss of appetite. My weight pretty much the same. On couple of occasions a pain in my butt woke me up. The pain started around tail bone and spread to the butt cheeks and lasted no more than 15 min. Also when I am in a sitting position I feel discomfort on my buttocks. All of this scarred me and did some test for blood in poop but turned out negative. Also did regular blood test and everything was normal. But yesterday I did notice for the first time blood on the toilet paper and I am freaking out. Haven't been to the doctor yet. 

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