What is the likelihood?

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What is the likelihood?

Late last year my husband found a lump in breast so trotted off to the doctor which led to a mammogram plus scan and eventual draining of said lump, which I got told was just a cyst and I shouldn't be worried.  However it has returned, and even my husband has mentioned it quite a few times as it is very sore to the touch...... should I be worried and drag my dumb ass back to complain?

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Re: What is the likelihood?

Hi KirMuir,


Yes, you definitely should go back and get it checked again!  And if you're again told not to worry about it, I'd go to another doctor to get a second opinion just to make sure.  There is no harm in being extra careful.  I'd rather be sure when it comes to things like this.


Take care



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Re: What is the likelihood?

Hi @KirMuir,


I just wanted to check in and see how you are doing? Hoping all is well. 

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Re: What is the likelihood?



if you have a lump, cyst, or a harmless lipoma (a lump of fat), or something more scary, you have every right to have it investigated, and removed if that is the safe and medically indicated procedure -- or even if you just want it gone!


Have you had xray and/or ultra-sound?  Seems to me you need more informaton. for your own peace of mind


Keep looking for an ocology surgeon who will help you find out what it is.  Oncology - because s/he will know about every kind of lump that it might be.


Good hunting





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