Post-chemo hair

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Post-chemo hair

I was diagnosed with testicular cancer in march, surgery in may, and chemo in june. The treatment finished in early august and I was declared cancer free yesterday (late january).


So that's all fine and dandy except for some chronic pain and feeling tired waaaay easier.


But the reason I'm here is for my hair. It's back and curly, but it's only the 1/3 of the thickness it was. It's not so bad considering I had really thick hair, but it kind of gives me the look of an old man when you get too close, especially on the top of the head. So I was wondering if it would stay the same forever (since it has already been almost 6 months) or if I still have a chance of getting back my good old hair. I don't mind it that much, it's more because I want to know if it's a good idea to cut them or not.


Thanks and good luck for all of those going through hard times 🙂

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Re: Post-chemo hair

Hi @ThatGuyOverTher,


Thanks for taking the time to join the community, welcome!


I am glad that you have finished treatment and congratulations on being declared cancer free Smiley Happy


With regards to your hair, hair loss of any sort is usually temporary, it may just take time. You may be interested in this hair loss fact sheet. There's some good tips in there about caring for your hair and scalp post-treatment as well as some other information.




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Re: Post-chemo hair

Hey @ThatGuyOverTher, I had chemotherapy and radiotherapy for a brain cancer 4 years back, and I had thinning of hair too. I even have a few bald spots, specifically on the top and the side (likely due to radiotherapy). What I do is to leave my hair longer, and just style my hair so that the bald spots are mostly covered up, and not cut my hair as often as before. 🙂

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