Waiting to find out about further surgery

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Waiting to find out about further surgery

I had cancer 7 years ago and had two surgeries. Now I have a new growth which is being watched, I was told to follow up in six months (1.5 months remaining). When I first got this news I was over the moon that I didn’t need immediate surgery but now that my rescan is upcoming I am extremely anxious. I don’t want to spend the next 1.5 months feeling unhappy and anxious but I’m not sure how to block these feelings out. 

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Re: Waiting to find out about further surgery

Welcome to the community @Melonie1988 Heart


What a whirl your mind must be in right now! How are doing today?


Here are some resources you may wish to take a look at, I think they will help:

Has anyone else got any advice for Melonie?



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Re: Waiting to find out about further surgery

Hi Melonie1988,

I know this reply is somewhat late.

I think this is a hard one, because this isn't something that you can easily dismiss. The only thing that I can think of is to find a distraction.

For myself personally, I find that the best distraction is running/jogging. All my problems seem to fade away when I go for a good jog.

Perhaps throw yourself into a new hobby?

A good book?

Enroll in a short course?




PS. How did the follow up go?


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