Cancer Fraud

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Cancer Fraud

 Hi, I am a 32-year-old mother of two. I had been having some health problems and ended up needing a hysterectomy. When the pathology came back from that, it was discovered that I had endometrial carcinoma. A month after my hysterectomy, I had to have a second surgery to take my ovaries. I feel like a cancer Fraud due to the fact that I didn’t even realize I had cancer until it was out of my body. There are so many people that have it so much worse. I don’t know how to feel or what to say! I’d never tell anyone “I’m a Cancer Survivor”, because what did I survive? I didn’t need treatment. I just look at myself like a fraud.

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Re: Cancer Fraud

Hi, There will be people that have it better, and there will always be people that have it worse. This is life. But that doesn't invalidate the effect that it had on you, nor the impact that this might have had you on emotionally. Sometimes the emotional side of things may develop over time. Look after yourself. s.
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Re: Cancer Fraud

I also feel the same. I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer then had surgery and radiation for stage 1 grade 3. I was healthy throughout but still suffered many emotional issues. I lived with many very sick people at the hospital where I had my treatment and felt very lucky. Since returning home though I’ve struggled with the whole diagnosis. Regardless of what cancer you’ve had you are still a survivor. Be kind to yourself! 

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Re: Cancer Fraud

As with everything in life  -  it's all relative.  

We all walk to a different drum.

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