I'm freaking about heterogeneous activity in fibroid!

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I'm freaking about heterogeneous activity in fibroid!


I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma in 2015. Been in remission since 2016. Currently 27 years old. 


In 2017 I made a PET scan, which showed a 2.2 cm fibroid outside the uterus. No abnormal activity was detected. Doctor never commented on it. 


In 2018 I made another PET scan which showed the fibroid has increased without any abnormal activity. My new doctor didnt seem to care either. 


I have been losing weight for the past weeks and swollen lymph nodes appeared. My doctor scheduled a PET scan. The result appeared yesterday and it showed no signs of relapse. However, the fibroid has been  increasing to now 8 cm and a heterogeneous metabolic activity is seen.  I have no idea what 'hererougenus' means , but I read on Google that it could indicate malignant activity in tumours. I started to read on the internet and turned out that cancer in fibroid is a really rare condition with a really poor prognosis. I'm just scare it could be that,because that means I could potentially had the disease for 3 years without treatment. 

. I'm literally shaking and crying. I have a doctor appointment on Monday. 


Has anyone had the same thing? Showing activity in the fibroid which showed to be malignant or harmless? 


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Re: I'm freaking about heterogeneous activity in fibroid!

Hi Mimi-meme,

I'm sorry to hear this.

How did the doctors appointment go?



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Re: I'm freaking about heterogeneous activity in fibroid!

Hi Mimi-meme,

I’m sitting here, I’ve read your post a couple of times. You are far too young to be burdened by such a horrible set of circumstances.


Do you have a support network close by? Mum, dad, siblings or a partner? Are there people you discuss this with? You should reach out to them, if you can. It makes a difference.


I know nothing about your condition, but I do know, at 27you need some to hold your hand. You should take a trusted love one with you to appointments, (4 ears are better than 2), a writing pad & pen. Take notes, ask questions and explanations of things you don’t understand. Your doctor will appreciate your taking on some control. Most of all keep calm, try to focus & have a good cry now & then. It will help you laugh later.


Keep us up to date. I am very interested in you getting well......, as we all are.



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Re: I'm freaking about heterogeneous activity in fibroid!


   I really hope you got proactive avout this and asked for second and third opinions...and bugged every doctor and agency til you got some answers.

   No one can take charge of finding a solution except yourself.   Don't take no for an answer-talj to patient advocates at the hospital and Bug Bug And Bug people until you get to the bottom of this.



Re: I'm freaking about heterogeneous activity in fibroid!

Hi Mini-meme


Can I just say to you do not go into Google and ask for any medical advice that only worries you and often the advice is not true.  Only go onto site Cancer Council sites of actual medical websites.


At the beginning of my journey with lymphoma I went into Google who mentioned that my lymphoma deadly and there is no hope.  That automatically scared me and made my anxiety levels go up which doesnt help.   I later learnt there are marvellous cures for all cancers now as there are wonderful medical people finding out new things all the time.  Please keep positive as I strongly believe keeping the mind positive will make your whole body positive because this has been proven for my journey.



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Re: I'm freaking about heterogeneous activity in fibroid!

Hi there-

  I too went through the lymphoedema battle and did find a lot of disheartening info...but keeping at my research I also came across enough info on lympho massage, fighting inflamation with herbs and supplements and exercise routines that eventually allowed me to design an upper body calisthenics routine that helped me get my face back and, for the most part, keep it.

   Sure there were setbacks and research is still continuing.

   Now fibrosis has been the object of my passion, since my neck turned to beef jerky on the radiation side.  Yes, extremely limited head and neck movement, pain, disfigurement on neck, jaw problems, swallowing problems and more.

   But again research, research research (use engines other than Google by the way-I prefer Duck) has come to the rescue.  Of late my experimenting with supplements went astray (yes, supplements can interact badly like any lab made drugs) and I lost some ground...but I'm back on track.

    I agree you shouldn't believe everything you Google, but I also believe exhaustive research and informed trial runs self medicating can help one achieve results superior to established medicine for the money.


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