Being tested to my absolute limit.


Being tested to my absolute limit.

Good morning Cancer community, as some of you know I am 14 weeks away from walking the Camino De Santiago in Spain, a healing pilgrimage following treatment for stage 4 colorectal cancer. I am dedicating this pilgrimage, not only to celebrate my own healing journey but to raise funds for Cancer Council in support of others on this path. And, with the support of Cancer Council have set up a “do it for Cancer” page to let folk know what I am up to. It seems that my commitment to this pilgrimage and the full on preparation it takes to walk 800 kms is going to be tested to the limits…On Monday I underwent a laparoscopic cholecystectomy, not related to cancer. Seriously !! Just when I was full of energy, strong & confident and able to walk 28 kms at a time now I am back walking only short distances and not able to carry my backpack for at least two weeks. Suddenly dealing with post anaesthetic fatigue, surgical pain and laparoscopic wounds, again. Yes, it would be so easy just to give up and say this is all too hard but I guess, at times, our courage and resilience must be tested otherwise we never feel our power. Today, in the mountains, it is raining and every cell of my body wants to remain snuggled up in a warm bed but I will don my red Camino Altus raincoat and stagger the allocated 5 kms….warriors we are 🙏👣💖

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