Stage 4 Cancer Survivor: I walked from Brisbane to Melbourne dressed as Captain Australia

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Stage 4 Cancer Survivor: I walked from Brisbane to Melbourne dressed as Captain Australia

G'day, just a really quick post, possibly my final post here, because I'm done with cancer.  It's in the rearview.  I don't think or obsess about it any more, I just think about it in connection with how it impacts other people (like my little friend Archer who I met on my BIG WALK, an impacted child)


After a fight with Stage 4 head & neck cancer, I was wrecked. No hope.  Just waiting to die. 


I decided to do (and successfully did) a BIG WALK ..a  pilgrimage of hope & healing.


I walked from Brisbane to Melbourne dressed as the boofhead homebrand superhero Captain Australia, and raised $165,000 for paediatric cancer research.  (The Kids' Cancer Project), as no child should have to endure what I did.


And it worked.  I have hope now, vital concerns, I am a viable human being again.


And I'm just an ordinary, older guy.  A mixed bag, nothing outrageously special.

What does that tell us ?


However dark your struggle is YOU CAN GET THROUGH IT.  You can beat this fucking thing.  You can be happy, whole and vital again.


You just need to find the recipe specific to you.  (No capes required)


If you're curious to know more, I'm rebuilding a journal of every day of the walk.  There are tremendous themes in there around hope, healing and coping with grief, and I'm writing it first and foremost for my children.  But maybe also for YOU.


It was all over the telly at the time, the homepage has links to that stuff, sometimes pretty funny 🙂


All the best to you

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