Escaping reality


Escaping reality

Hello fellow cancer sufferers. A little bit of background about myself; I have advanced, inoperable pancreatic cancer and am currently going through the chemo routine. I'm 59, and I guess there's no other way to say it, really, it sucks. The cancer, the chemo, and, of course, the uncertainty of the whole thing and not knowing when my time will be up.


On a positive note, though, because of the horrible nature of this disease, and also because the world round us seems to be imploding quickly, I sought a way to escape from this reality. And I found such a way with virtual reality. To be honest, I never did have much of a bucket list, but in just the past week I have done the following;


I’ve been on more roller coaster rides than you could poke a stick at;


I’ve been to a cinema that I set up high in the cosmos and watched several movies;


I got up close and personal with a 10 ft tiger, stroked its head, and under its chin, which it really seemed to like, just like most cats;


I've walked among lions, elephants, hyenas and many other animals.


I was in a submersible and got attacked by a 70 ft megalodon;


I was harassed by a T-Rex and just froze, as one would I expect. It's okay, it couldn't see me whilst I was motionless.


I talked to a green alien creature, which had a sort of humanoid head, big eyes, a fat belly, skinny arms and legs. I didn’t understand what it was saying, not a word, but it seemed friendly enough;


I’ve been to Chernobyl and seen the ruins of what once was, in fact I’ve been to many places of interest around the entire world;


I went up to the very top of the Eiffel Tower and walked around the completely fenced-in observation deck, taking in the views;


I stood beneath the 800-metre-high, Angel Falls in Venezuela, and, via  a drone, traced its beginnings up into the mountains above that reach up into the clouds;


Oh, and I climbed Mount Everest:


The brain interprets VR as being real, hence the reason I nearly jumped out of my chair several times during my adventures.


Anyway, I highly recommend this as a way to cope, and the meditation options are simply fantastic as well. You choose the place. You choose the music. And just relax. This world sucks. Leave it for a while, is my recommendation.




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Re: Escaping reality


So sorry to hear about your health. 

Glad to hear you have found something that helps take your mind off of it for awhile. 

I understand you aren't even 60 years old. 

I like to think that 60 is still pretty young considering I'm 55 🙂

I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to stay with our oldest granddaughter for a week while she was in the hospital. We knew for a fact she was walking out of there completely healthy. She was only 5 at the time and asked me not to leave. So I stayed. 

My life changed because of her roommate in the hospital. 

I over hear the young girl tell her mom all she wanted for her 13 birthday was to be allowed to go home and die in her own bed. 

Since then I have never felt like I have a problem. When things aren't going my way I remember that girl and her family. 

The last 9 months my health has its ups and downs. Already had skin cancer removed from my nose. Now I'm waiting on a biopsy report to see if or what cancer i have. 

I believe we caught it at a early stage. 

All I can think of is that girl. I would love to trade places with someone who is younger. 

If you only have one month or 40 years don't forget the people who hasn't seen their 21 birthdays 

You and me are very lucky to be here. 

I hope you are doing well and enjoying today. Tomorrow isn't promised to those who are healthy 

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