Financial support??

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Financial support??

Hi I have stage 3 brain tumour. I was wondering what everyone is doing for financial help during their battle with cancer... I have been unable to work since February and have been rejected by Centrelink and my income protection. I am soo close to being flat broke and there is no chance of a return to work in the near future. I am currently selling everything I have that's of any value and was wondering if there's any hope of some kind of income, other than crime haha... I'm only just hanging on

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Re: Financial support??

Hi @Nath250,


That sounds like a tough situation for you. 


I would recommend speaking with the Cancer Council Information and Support consultants on 131120 as they have access to programs that may be able to assist you financially at this time. This service is open 9am-5pm Monday to Friday.


Cancer Council also provides some pro bono (no cost) legal services, and applications for these can be arranged through 131120.


The social worker at your treating hospital may also be able to advise and support you to access community financial support programs in your area.


Take care,


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