Hair loss

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Hair loss

So I’ve been told hair loss typically starts 2 weeks-1 month after beginning chemo. I’m about to start my second week, and think I will end up shaving at some point. So do you all think it’s better to shave before the hair loss starts, or once it starts coming out? Also I’ve heard that you’re supposed to leave something like 1/8 inch of hair when shaving so it doesn’t irritate your scalp. Any tips? 

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Re: Hair loss

Hi Julia00,


I'm not so sure that my situation is likely to be all that helpful to you, but it might help others,


My hair started to fall out gradually rather than in one big bang (pun intended). I had also stopped work and so I wasn't going to be "on display" to explain things. Consequently, I decided to do the "big shave" at a big family get-together for Christmas in July (2017).


I used hair clippes, but without any comb. Everyone who wanted to could have a go at shearing my head. This left me with the barest of stubble and I had no irritation that can occur from shaving with a razor.


I now get a #4 buzz-cut every month because it is much easier to manage on a day-to-day basis.


My only real recommendation to you, is to make a big deal about it with your family. A bit of a statement that you are facing this journey head-on (another pun intended) and that you "have nothing to fear, but fear itself".


Hugs and best wishes to you on your particular journey.


Warm regards,


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Re: Hair loss

Hi Rick and Julia


I've met with my Oncologist and the lovely nurses in the chemo unit today. I had a lot of questions and hair loss was one of them.


My chemo starts next week. I was told to expect some hair loss. I shouldn't go completely bald, but it will thin out considerably. I mentioned it would be good if just the grey hair falls out. I don't know if it's scientifically proven, but the nurse told me the grey hair won't fall out. That will be the only hair that stays. I kind of believe her.


A shave might be in my near future. Who want's to do the honours?







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