Medication not working

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Medication not working

After 90+ days on Qinlock I showed growth and spread of my GIST my oncologist doesn't think there is anything left to try. I'm in nsw 


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Re: Medication not working

Hi Bearysadbear, that’s not good news. So sorry very sorry. Does that mean you’ve already tried different types of chemo before this one? I hope you’re surrounded by supportive loved ones to help you at this time. Love and prayers to you  🙏💕 Linda G 

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Re: Medication not working



Sorry to hear that your treatment isn't helping. 

Don't give up. There are other meds that they could use. 

My treatment involves a mild chemo. My doctor has informed me that there is a chance that my cancer may not respond well to the meds she's using and if it doesn't she will use some that are more aggressive. 

I have a blood cancer. She's trying to keep me healthy while killing the cancer. So far I have been able to live a moral life. 

Have you spoke to your doctor to see what will happen next. 

I have a cousin who has gone through 3 treatments for breast cancer in 4 years. 

She's very positive and happy still .

I think the hardest part of having cancer is staying positive. Heck I broke down and almost cried in front of my boss because the test and images weren't very favorable for me. They found problems with my heart and lungs. That's one of the reasons I'm getting the chemo that I'm. The wrong treatment could kill me 

Please keep us updated on what they plan on doing next..👍


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