Medullary thyroid cancer

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Medullary thyroid cancer

Hi .I am 40 and I have had medullary thyroid cancer since 2007. I had my thyroid removed and subsequent surgeries to remove tissue and nodes but they can't find the residual. My cancer marker levels aren't extreme but fluctuate and are rising again.  Would like to talk to anyone else with this cancer and hear your story. Thanks 

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Re: Medullary thyroid cancer

Hello @kathy1976 and welcome to the Community!


How are you feeling today?


You would have received a welcome message from @Margaret_CCNSW that contains a little bit more about some of our services that can assist you. If you haven't seen that yet, you can check your private messages for that.


Has anyone had medullary thyroid cancer and might be able to chat with Kathy?



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