Pancreatic Cancer stage 3

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Pancreatic Cancer stage 3

Hi everyone, I'm just looking to connect with anyone battling pancreatic cancer as I am. These forums are great, but we are limited in what we can say, i.e. we can't really vent on here. I'm happy send my private email address and phone number via a PM.


Or, if you just want to communicate on here, that's fine too I guess.


My tumour is 4cm in size, is stage 3, it has infiltrated three lymph nodes but has not yet metastasised, it has wrapped itself around some blood vessels and has completely encase two main arteries. It's inoperable, basically, but I'm on chemo anyway just to see if they can shrink it. They have told me though that the odds of ever being able to shrink it enough to operate are very low, at best.


Hey I'm not a sad sack by the way. I'm surprisingly positive in my attitude and would like to pass that energy on to someone else. Life is what it is, and we all have to die sometime. At least this way we get to say goodbye properly to our loved ones. And we find out who our 'true friends' really are.


Anyway, feel free to talk with me if you like. I'm 59 by the way and my real name is Colin. I also look a lot like my avatar 🙂




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