coping with everything

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coping with everything

Hey eveyone,

I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer with mets to liver and lungs 7 months ago and since doing chemo all has been going well and shrinking etc until my last scan results and the tumors in my lungs have started growing again. Since getting the results its put me in a bit of a low and i can't seem to get back to the right mind frame i guess. I know my treatment is for longevity and quality of life but i have kids so i was like i will do what i need to do to stay with them but after the results it was the first time that I've thought there is a chance that i won't beat this. I'm just wondering if anyone has tips or ways they deal with crappy results and bringing themselves out of the funk.

Thank you 😊

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Re: coping with everything

Hey Nikki


There's power in you.  There's fire.  We all have it to different degrees, but we don't all have the ability to find it and use it.  We're all capable of sudden and dramatic changes in direction.


Only you can find your inner strength .. the kids are probably a double edged sword .. on the one hand they're your reason .. and on the other hand the idea of passing away and them being stuck alone with the grief is overwhelming.  (I'm in the same boat).


You have to fight.


My father in law has a similar cancer, in his lungs, colon, pancreas too I think .. really advanced .. stage 4 .. they gave him weeks, maybe 2 months to live (this was like 9 months ago now).  He got on a clinical trial which uses targetted immunology to supercharge his body's immuno defences to engage the cancer.


The theory is good - we are, all the time, fighting cancer and other toxins .. a healthy immune system does a better job at preventing the disease.  A *super* immune system .. well, who knows ?


Anyway, just a couple of weeks ago, they declared that the cancer in his body had shrunk about 80% and was in remission.  So from weeks to live .. to ... an open question.


The longer you can survive, the better medical science will get .. but make sure you challenge the clinicians.  If your primary doctor is a radiation oncologist, ask for advice or referrals on immunology, ask about clinical trials, push, beg, plead, cajole.


You're just a patient to them, really, one in thousands.  They have to remain clinically detached - so there might be crucial little pieces of advice that you don't get, unless you push.


Worth thinking about ?

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Re: coping with everything

Hi Nikki,


I feel your pain.. although I don't have kids (cancer took this from me) , leaving my partner, family and friends behind hurts like nothing else.... Even though our minds are like rollercoasters, I constanlty focus on the fact that there will be something at the right time that can change our diagnosis... alot of clinical trials out there... constantly ask, seek, query... there are miracles out there! Also making lasting memories that your kids, family and firends will keep forever.


I"m not sure what your schedule is with the kids, but I found that meditation really helps... clears out the thoughts.. I find 5-10mins a day or even every 2-3 days can make a huge difference. I find doing it before bed helps me fall asleep faster. 'Smiiley minds' is a great app for this!



As hard as it is, don't stop fighting, chin up and be determined to beat this once and for all.

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