How are you doing today?

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How are you doing today?

Hello everyone!


I'm putting it out there, I'd like to know how you are all doing today!


Whether you're doing well, or not so well. Or if you're back at work, or working from home. Out enjoying a nice walk or safely inside from the rain that's hitting Australia's east coast right now.


Share something about what's going on for you right now. It might be a sentence, a paragraph, or even a photo or a silly picture. I want to hear it all!



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Re: How are you doing today?

Hi @Katekat,

It's a beautifully sunny day at the moment, but the wind is howling & chilly. Typical Melbourne weather, will probably bring clouds soon.
I've recently managed to have my second eye op done. No more cataracts- yeah. I can see again & its wonderful. 😊
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Re: How are you doing today?

Today is a good start to the end of isolation,and in a fortnight ,hopefully we can visit our  grandchildren in their homes ,they live on other side of the ring of steel when it’s lifted in rural Victoria.

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