Cervical cancer is pregnancy possible after brachytherapy?

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Cervical cancer is pregnancy possible after brachytherapy?

My history:  stage 2b cervical cancer 7 months post treatment of chemo, radiation and brachytherapy. I'm pretty sure the answer is 100% no but I still need to ask.  Is it possible, even remotely to still be able to conceive after all that treatment?  For the past couple of weeks I've have been having the exact same pregnancy symptoms I got with all of my previous pregnancies.  It feels like a cruel trick by my body but now my partner has noticed and thinks I should do a pregnancy test.  I keep telling him, it can't be possible but his instance has started to make me doubt what I know.  He's worried as I have a PET scan in two days.  I don't know why I'm getting these symptoms but I know I couldn't possibly be pregnant!?!?!

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Re: Cervical cancer is pregnancy possible after brachytherapy?

Hi @Beccy72,


Thanks for your post. You might find it helpful to discuss your question with your GP or radiation oncologist, and in addition you may find the following Cancer Council publications helpful:


Understanding Radiation Therapy particularly the section on sexuality and intimacy issues;  and

Fertility and Cancer


The health professionals on the  Cancer Council 131120 Information and support line are also available 9am-5pm Monday to Friday to answer questions about cancer treatment and how it may affect your life after cancer.


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