Alternative Non-toxic Treatment thoughts

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Alternative Non-toxic Treatment thoughts

Hi all. Just wondereing what people living with cancer think about alternative treatment. I was loaned a book called 'Outsmart your Cancer" & I am rather sceptical. Seriously, how can a caffine enema help fight cancer? And what about ancient Indian herbal tea, Essiac, Hoxey therapy, Oxygen Therapy & Protocel to name a few?  Bit of a concern if the majority of these plans are only available in Mexico 🙂 


Has anyone else seen the programe on re cancer cures by injecting HIV or measles directly in to the cancer? That programe stated they had a high success rate especially with brain cancer & luekemia.


We (I) trust our oncologists & have faith that they know what is best for those of us who live with cancer, just wondering what others think about these alternative options. 



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Re: Alternative Non-toxic Treatment thoughts

Hi Cat,

An alternative medicine is a medicine or treatment that hasn't been proven to work or be effective.

Or perhaps it just hasn't been tested? If it had been tested and proven to be effective, then I guess it wouldn't be an alternative medicine any more.


If you want consider using an alternative or complementary treatment, I'd encourage you to look into it and discuss it with your treatment team. You would want to make sure that the two treatments wouldn't adversely effect each other, and your doctor/treatment-team are the best people to advise you of that.


I suspect that a lot of these treatments are only available in Mexico because the medical industry is heavily regulated. Operating outside of the regulated environments might allow them to operate? I'm speculating here.


Best of luck.


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Re: Alternative Non-toxic Treatment thoughts

Cat,   I did see that episode of Vice. I believe that it was the Mayo Clinic .   Yjeybwere injecting live. Measles virus into tumors and shrinking them.  At the time they said it was still in experimental stages.  What ever happened, I do not know. Have there born Clinical Trials.?    Roxy5g




Re: Alternative Non-toxic Treatment thoughts

There are many alternative treatments and lifestyle changes out there.  Alkaline diet I find is helpful, and I like to research what is available and talk with others.  I have had all positive feed back about gumby gumby and peope  being cleared totally from cancer.  My husband and I are only at the beginning of this journey but are researching, asking questions and finding out all we can

I had a friend who treated his wife with various kinds of enemans (he was professionally trained) and it helped her greatly for a long time. 

Hope this helps a little


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