Head and Neck cancer, 4 weeks after

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Head and Neck cancer, 4 weeks after

That Radio Neck Rash Update...

    As I mentioned three weeks ago...my neck skin started breaking up right around two weeks after the last Radio treatment.

   I blamed it on my proclivity for being in the Arizona Desert Sun whenever I get the chance and energy but it seems it was just a natural progression in the aftermath of the treatment.

    The dry patches sloughed off to display the fatty tissues in the endodermis and further lower.  Painful to say the least.

   As you can see from the pics, the skin just kept sloughing off all around the neck, specially the front and towards the collarbone.

   Being a wimp when it comes to. Pain in inconvenient places, we took a trip to the Dollar store and got their generic Triple Antibiotic Cream (tried regular A&D ointment but I don't believe it worked as fast on the healing end).

   I am happy to report that after a 13 day period, the Radio Collar is healed, the skin well on its way to returning to "normal".

   By the way-after applying the ointment, my sweetheart (Wife and family CEO as well) did put gauze bandage all around the neck to minimize chafing.20190621_091028_HDR-2.jpg






How it startedHow it started


Real ouchy stage 8 daysReal ouchy stage 8 days


About 13 days after 1st pic.  Almost healedAbout 13 days after 1st pic. Almost healed


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Re: Head and Neck cancer, 4 weeks after

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Re: Head and Neck cancer, 4 weeks after

Oww indeed, glad it's healing!!

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Re: Head and Neck cancer, 4 weeks after

I can relate. Youre doing a great job...yes its ouch. I had 5 weeks radio on right side after masectomy...and skin went raw ..open wound in the last week.. Mepitel gauze..heaps of solugel..applied constantly..then covered with stretchy bandages.. That was early April...its completely healed now. Yours will too..Good luck and keep strong 🙂 


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