Breast cancer

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Breast cancer

Let me start off by saying the obvious ...cancer sucks. 

Generally a happy go lucky type..however with Breast cancer came a tad more witty come backs and a dry, confidently sarcastic sense of humor. I've had my fair share of doctor's an nurse's that got their medical degrees out of a Kelloggs box. You see, I was Last week's pin cushion at the local hospital. Knew I should of brang mum's biscuit tin..And possibly a thimble that extended the full lenght of my arm. 


We will give you every thing available to your type and location of cancer. Over 400 trials and they come up with, Chemotherapy, radiation  and hormone therapy pills?! .. I'll take my chances...give me the pills.. because everyone I've ever seen on chemotherapy  looks like the life is sucked from them rather than given too..a slow death with loss of quality of life. To be honest with you I'm scared about my choice..I mean this could backfire..but also..I'm ever talks about how the cancer by its self without these harsh treatments and cytotoxic agents sucks the life from you. 


A normal trip to the shops and I get puffed. I feel sick every morning in the guts and the hormone therapy pills make me hot enough to spontaneously combust so I live in the air tottaly over it. Who ever I date next in the lesbian world, you won't need a bbq just use my back, don't mind the hair in your food tho, just another benefit of being hormonal. 

On the up side surgery went really well..but i woke up agitated, really agitated . Screw the friends and family who never check in to see if I'm ok.  I have a new kitten and we sleep eat and pee together, also she is cute. 

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Re: Breast cancer

Hi Mk,

I'm sorry to hear about your cancer as well as your experience with family and friends.  It must be very difficult.

I am glad to hear about the surgery.

Look, the chemo sucks. I've seen some really sick looking people  and been that person myself. But it goes away. You get over it,  even if you have long term side effects.

But I can also understand why you made that decision.  We make decisions based upon what we think we can handle and what we think we can deal with.

How long have your been receiving treatment for?

How have you been responding?



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Re: Breast cancer

Hey there, thanks for replying. 

I've been on treatment since September. Surgery was in August, down in Melbourne but I live in Queensland. 

The pills make me heat up, but as far as treatment goes long term, it is a bit early to tell. 


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