New to Effects of Cancer Diagnosis / Chemo


New to Effects of Cancer Diagnosis / Chemo

Hi Fellow Living With Cancer Champions,


As, I write you may feel the nervousness as this is my very first time `ever' putting myself out into the ethernet sharing my thoughts I go!


Found out in mid October 2018 that I had 2 cancers low down in the bowel. Had a lower antioror resection 23/11/18 and became sick after surgery, two days after first release, because of bowel obstruction. Six days later had second operation to clear obstruction and increase stoma size (oh, yeh. I now have `the bag'). Got results that the cancers they took out equated to Cancer Stage III N1 T1 (type); a big shock as I was under the impression the cells were quite young and easily taken away without need for follow up, but as I am finding out; never say never.

Took up to 24/12/2018 before released home and then follow up District Nurse visits (brilliant) and ins and outs to hospital for various checks etc.

Commenced standard chemo therapy just yesterday will little side effects as of this moment. Love to hear from any other `newbies', experienced, wise, humerous, connected individuals:

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Re: New to Effects of Cancer Diagnosis / Chemo

Hi @Adrian,


Glad to see you made your way on here ok, welcome Smiley Happy


Thank you for being brave and posting!


Are there any other people out there new to having standard chemotherapy or perhaps some of our members who have had chemo may wish to pop in?

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Re: New to Effects of Cancer Diagnosis / Chemo

Fairly new.   Was undiagnosed for 2 years.  Was told stomach issues were indigestion.  Finally in Nov ‘18 nothing was going south if you know what I mean. Was diagnosed with bowel obstruction and multiple tumors in stomach.  Initially was told I was terminal. Wife was advised it’s best to go home with morphine drip and die comfortably.  We wanted no part of that and opted to fight it.   Had a tube inserted through nose to stomach to drain stomach acids/fluids. 

Finally after 2 weeks one doctor order Fulfox chemo treatment.   After one treatment nothing happened to obstruction.  Again was advices go home with morphine.  2 days after treatment obstruction opened up like Niagra Falls.  After 2 rounds of Chemo I was sent home. After 5 rounds obstruction is totally gone and other tumors are shrinking.    I eat everything.  I’ve shocked my Oncologist on my healthy condition.   

You have to never give up hope.  It helps to have people pray for you. You have to eat right.   


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