Possible mouth cancer diagnosis

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Possible mouth cancer diagnosis

Hi everyone, thanks for taking the time to read my post and what a wonderful community there is on this page 

I am 32, have 3 beautiful very young children and am prettified of my upcoming appt with the oral surgeon.. I have smoked since about 15 but have given up the afternoon I saw the dentist..

basically, I have researched every aspect of mouth/ head/ neck cancer over the past 4 days as I went to the dentist and she has noticed erythroplakia and leukoplakia on my soft palate and behind jaw bone. I’m just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience and what the process/outcome was for them? 

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Re: Possible mouth cancer diagnosis


Sorry, just realised that it's been two weeks since, but I haven't had much of a chance lately to respond to you.

How are you going? How are your children? How old are they?

Sorry I don't have any experience with this personally.

What sort of treatment (if any) have you been advised to have?

What sort of effect will this diagnosis have on you?


All the best,


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Re: Possible mouth cancer diagnosis

Dear Amanda

It is the scariest time for you but as a retired dentist and a mum of 5 including a disabled daughter I want to say to you how lucky you were that this was found by a dentist. That increases your chance of recovery so much more than if it had progressed till you had symptoms and went to a doctor. Also you are thinking of your beautiful three children so you have such a strong will to come through any treatment. I found that been grateful for getting a relatively early diagnosis and concerned about my daughter helped me through my diagnosis and treatment almost two years ago. I also found having to care for someone else helped me make a rapid recovery but learn to accept any offer of help from family and friends. also when the fatigue hits learn to put your feet up for short rests but keep active when you can. I listened to the webinar on exercise and recovering from any cancer tonight which was great. Any form of cancer is scary and bad luck but we can help ourselves to recover. You will get through this and appreciate every day even more than before your diagnosis. Enjoy all the little things and listen to your body for what you need .😘

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