Sore throat and coughs

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Sore throat and coughs

I finished my 4th chemo 2,5 weeks ago, and am having a 4 weeks break before surgery. But, I have developed a sore throat and coughs, no fever. My kids and husband were sick. Wondering if there's any helpful remedies. 

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Re: Sore throat and coughs

Hi Lisa2,


Good old lemon, garlic, ginger & honey mixed together in a cup of hot water & sip while hot.  Have a couple of these every day.  Actually, if you want to avoid getting a cold - have a clove of raw garlic every day.  It's very hot, but it does work.  My hubby has 2 cloves every night, along with a glass of kefir to soothe the heat, & he hasn't had a cold all year.  He works in a busy environment where people continue to come to work while they're sick, so he wants to protect me by protecting himself from getting a cold.


All the best


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Re: Sore throat and coughs

Thanks Budgie.


I couldn't stand the smell of garlic whilst undergoing chemo. I'll give raw garlic another go.


Btw, the oncologist put me on oral antibiotics.

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