Uterine Cancer journey

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Uterine Cancer journey



In Jan 2018 I went to the doctors with only a little brown spotting that occasional happened over the previous 2 months. & Not having a Pap smear for a while it was time to go. Not my usual doctor I sent this one into a spin, she sent me off to a gynecologist who organized a D&C.


My sample came back positive for Uterine cancer. Scariest time of mine & my husbands life as we sat there trying to absorb what he was telling us. Living in a small town it was off to Melb for surgery.  I was referred to the Mercy for Women hospital. I had a radical hesterectomy. Unfortunately the carcer had grown backwards through the lining of the Uterus, I was told the cancer may have spread.  Because the surgery was radical the only part left was the top of the vagina.


4 weeks after surgery I started High voltage Brackytherapy.  This is radiation done in the vagina targeting the scar of my surgery, there are complication connected to this but I was not not having this treatment.  I now have 3 monthly visits between my surgeon & Oncologist,  I have some side effects from the radiation which have effected the lining of my virgina but I can live with that,  using estrogen medication inserted in the vigina in tablet form.


I am a Cancer Survivor, I will continue my appointments for the next 5 years. Everyday I am so thankful forthe people around me &  the staff at the Mercy for Women, Olivia Newton- John centre & the nursing staff that did follow-ups with me knowing I was struggling. 

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Re: Uterine Cancer journey

Thank you for sharing your story with us @Gill65


It sounds like you have had a very difficult time with your diagnosis and treatment, but also some excellent care from your treating team.


Please keep us updated periodically with how you are getting on. Sharing your experiences can be very helpful for others affected by cancer. 


Kind regards,


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Re: Uterine Cancer journey

Thankyou Margaret, I appreciate your reply. Regards Gill65

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