adenoid carcinoma


adenoid carcinoma

I was diagnosed with adenoid carcinoma in January 2019.  I had flu like symptoms for sometime last year, but a little lump came up near my nose/eye.  I thought it was just an infection & so did my GP & prescribed antibiotics.  But lump increased & GP realised there was an underlying problem.  January 2019, she referred me to specialist Dr Daniel McCormick, who immediately arranged that I have my operation at St Vincent's Hospital, Melbourne, attended by a team of specialists.  Operation was successful.  Medication unfortunately had horrible side effects.  But that is not my issue, I am back in Hobart.  I commenced my first radiation treatment yesterday.   I would like to get feedback from other people about their experiences.  I was given a list of all the things that can go wrong & that plays over & over in my mind.

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