Well I spent half of Saturday in the emergency dept. Started off with a nice little trip by ambulance, lovely guys they are. I had pain all night and took alot of drugs early in the night to try to dull it. even Endone was not doing the job. Finally got some sleep around 1.30am. Then about 6am woke with more really bad pain(about 7-8 on the Richter scale). They gave me quite a bit of Fentinel(spelling?) on the way in and that was really good stuff :) All this pain is in the Liver area and that really concerns me as that is where my secondaries are. Have to go in Monday for ultra sound in that area. (radiologist not available on weekends unless extreme emergency) Pain is still there,but being controlled by 4 hourly Endone tablets. I am pain free if I don't move around too much. All the blood tests and liver function tests were all okay. Could be something to do with gall bladder too. Will find out Monday. I hate it when things go wrong on the weekends and services are not available. Thats Murphy's Law. Ha. So on today's list of things to do. Sit in bed and read lots.. LOL. My hubby had to work today so a quiet arvo in store. The weather is overcast and raining at this very moment so good day for inside. Well at least its better this weekend than next one. @Jules2 The pizza was with the lot. Anchovies, salami, Olives, mushrooms and everything else.. Hhahahahahaha, with this pain maybe I should have skipped the Pizza.. We wish you a Merry Christmas. Vicki
oh im sorry to hear about ur pain! 😞 try not to worry to much bout the liver until you know whats causing it for sure.. my partner got terrible pain under his arm that turned out to be a blood clott, so luckily there was pain otherwise we wouldnt have known! hope you feel better soon! 🙂
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The scan shows All clear on major organs (except Liver of course). So no clues as yet as to what is causing the pain. Could be the lesions creating pressure on the liver capsule creating referred pain. or I could have pulled a ligament or muscle, we don't know. Bumped up the strength on the pain killers. Cheers Vicki
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Hey Vicki I am sorry to hear you have been in pain! Emergency departments can be fantastic and it was they who actually got me diagnosed after a very, very long time of seeing other doctors. 🙂 I gave my ed a card after i was finally a little better as they had been so supportive to me during my diagnosis period and the during treatment. Absolutely a total "pass" from me on anchovies ... lol Will go yummo for the rest though. Merry Christmas Julie
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