On Monday we said a final goodbye to my beautiful sister who had fought a huge battle with cancer for most of her life. First developing breast cancer at 30, than again at 50 and then Peritoneal mesothelioma. She fought every stage of her cancers with dignity and strength and was a true inspiration to everyone around her, even her doctors and hospital staff. The peritoneal was the last straw for her but she gave it her all to try to get better. She would have treatment, walk out and book a trip to Bali then come back and start again. She was amazing and her family surrounded her with love and hope. She got to spend two weeks in Bali with her whole family about 2 months ago and she was so proud to be able to do that. She organised her own funeral and it was an amazing send off. Just what she wanted, full of fun, laughter and colour. I could imagine her looking down on us and saying 'it’s as I planned it'. So for me, it’s a final goodbye to a very much loved sister. You taught me so much in life and how to handle it. I am so proud of you and always will be. I now know why I had the strength when I was going through my cancer scare as you showed me how to have courage and strength Love Linda
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Sorry for your loss Linda. I'm glad she planned her own send off and it was amazing.
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Hi Linda, I am so glad everything went well like your sister wanted, and that you have such wonderfull memories of her, it's nice that her family was there glad she could rely on them, we will have to catch up, hugs Lorraine.
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My thoughts are with you.
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