Need some support, I know I can't go through this alone.The doctors are taking my bladder and women's parts on the 2nd August.Then I have a 50% chance to survive 5years on a ostomy bag.It's alot to look forward to. I'm not a strong person and I don't know how I'm going to get through it
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Hi Maz47 - sorry to hear this but welcome to the group. I don't know much about your illness as my partner has brain tumours.
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Maz47 You might just surprise yourself how strong you are and will become,as you battle this illness,it takes courage to ask for help and you have shown that already, we all have our doubts but some how we manage and carry on good luck with your surgery you are at the right place for support kj
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I agree with kg 's comment . When it was all new to us,some of us felt that way but you do manage to carry on . Take one day at a time if that helps . It is a terrifying thing to be confronted with cancer but once you recover from surgery and /or radiation you may see it all differently . You may also be in the group who live past that 5 years . Others who have the same cancer as you will be able to help you more .I think .
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Hi Maz47, I understand your fear. my odds weren't good either, and I have a 1 and 2 year old that i dont want to leave. I know you are scared and I am too. Hold my hand and we can fight this. We are all here for you. I am new to this too. My odds are still no good, but let's keep positive and I think that helps a lot. Someone knows we still want to be here, and I certainly do and I need to be. I will be strong with you Maz 🙂 x
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Hi, just a few more words of encouragement. you will be brave hwen it counts- even though you won't feel brave and the tears will come and go frequently. I gained lots of support from a local support group who meet every month, while i was going through chemo and radiation. I found it easier to speak to people face to face. all the best with the bag: my sister had bowel cancer and has to have a bag permananetly for the other side. I am lucky, i only have to wear a fake boob! We are all cheering for you.
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Hello Maz47, how are you today? my name is Maggie, last year I had a 11cm malignant tumor on my pelvis and I had it removed along with all of my girly bits and I had an ileostomy as they damaged my large bowel along the way, I had radiation, but in April the cancer metastasized to my liver and lungs and 13 weeks ago, the doctors told me I had 12 weeks to live so I have had a weeks grace, so far,I am currently on chemo and I know how you feel, try not to worry the best thing to do is to get to know your stoma nurse, she is the one who can help you with products, it is important to be comfortable and feel confident, it is very scary I know but you are stronger than you think, I also found this site to be extremely helpful I go here quite often, it is a very supportive site, you can email me if you like I love to chat and listen, good luck honey and take care.
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