Its been 3 weeks and 3 days since mum passed away. Sometimes I feel like Im waiting for her to come home from a trip away, and then sometimes it feels so real and raw. I am hating life at the moment, Iv been trying so hard to be happy and seem interested in life....but really I don't. I just want my mum back. Mums friend of many years passed away yesterday from Cancer. It makes me wonder Why? Why do beautiful people get taken away. Why is life sometimes so beautiful yet can be so mean and cruel. All I see lately is the cruelty. Im trying so hard to be happy and interested....I just want my mum. Maybe its selfish of me, as in the very end she was in pain, anxious and uncomfortable. But i just wish she was here and not sick. I feel so empty, uncomfortable and like Im missing something, missing a major part of me. I could cry for eternity for my loss and the loss others experience aswell. Its all soo sad and it hurts. Will I ever feel truly happy again??
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Sadly we all lose loved ones at some time . It takes time to believe it's real sometimes and much more time before we can accept this reality . Be patient with yourself .
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When I lost my father, I clung onto the thought that I would not wish him back the way he was. If I could have turned back time then it would be different, but that is not possible. I feel for you as it is difficult to lose a loved one. The other thing is I knew my Dad would not want me to be sad forever and so I try to have happy thoughts and happy memories of our time together. I couldn't do it intially but I just kept trying and eventually achieved it. hugs Julie
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