This NAIDOC week, in celebration of the essential role that women have played and continue to play as active and significant role models in their communities, we'd like to share with you, the women who run an Aboriginal Cancer Support Group or Yarning Circle.



Cancer is a story that is better shared.

By connecting through a Yarning Circle, women bond and reach out – and in doing so they take back some control in their relationships, help strengthen their community and their family’s resilience, raise awareness of the importance of being cancer aware, early detection and screening, how to connect with health services, and overcome some of their personal fears and not be defined by cancer.


For information about cancer and cancer support services call us - Cancer Council 13 11 20 Information and Support.


Visit our information portal for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people at -


If you are interested in setting up or finding out more about a yarning circle for your community, or becoming involved in supporting others with cancer, please contact @Kim_CCNSW via email.

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